• I Odostrack

    Odostrack present as a cultural management company that does focus on nature and musical activities aimed at adults.

  • Hiking

    Walk nature floods the body sensations, odors, flavors, emotions and helps to find pleasure in the little things of life and well maybe our footprint will be much more positive.

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  • Cultural Activities

    Our goal is to develop, coordinate and organize cultural activities, Festive and fun aimed at adults and companies or institutions. We like to work with new ideas and new projects.

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  • Contact

    In love receiving emails, so for any questions, clarification or just to greet us, posarte please contact us. We will respond as quickly.


Without music life would be a Error.La Culture is Freedom.

The important thing is the journey, not Destí.

We believe in this culture as a basis for our name.

  • Odostrack

    Organize cycles, workshops, courses, exhibitions, manage and coordinate concerts and venues in order to make them. We work with own productions and the promotion and development of artists and shows good.

  • Fent Camí

    Take a road (hodós with a Greek) i let it all flow, Image, Ideas, les frases, els sons musicals,our dreams… ultimately emotions in all of us… and what better way to express that through cultural activities?

  • Oxygen

    In our hodós is without the letter "h" because that makes O2 , This oxygen is essential for life, vital to all living, that fills our lungs and makes us feel more alive. In fact, "life is air…if you do not notice the air does not notice life " (Peter Yang). And life experiences are and our goal is to provide rewarding experiences you.

We like to work with new ideas and projects and go constantly reinvent ourselves.

In stop creating mai.