Transpirinenca GR-11

  • 450

    Km long

  • 150

    Km wide

  • 4


  • The Pyrenees border of the large block 415 km long with a maximum width in its central 150 és ple, as the stories of all peoples ,legends and myths. One of the best known is the name that counts Pyrenees. They say that a three-headed monster called Geryon wanted to marry the princess Pyrene. She refused and escaped into the forests of the Iberian Peninsula. Geryon decided to burn all the forests, to leave the princess of hiding but she preferred to die than not marry Geryon. Hercules, who was the lover of Princess, tried unsuccessfully to save the desperate and began to cover his body with large stones to form a great wall of rock that was the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean and called Pyrenees.

    El GR-11 is the long-distance route that crosses the Pyrenees from west to east and that we provide and we offer to perform & nbsp; with & nbsp; & nbsp; our & nbsp; logistic support & nbsp; procedures and accommodation.

    We propose to make the & nbsp; GR-11 accompanied by our guides and versatile, since splitting with 4 linked stages you can do week in and week summer summer.

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  • 1ª etapa: Cap Higuer-Pineta.

    2ª etapa: Pineta-Espot.

    3ª etapa: Spot Puigcerdà.

    4ª etapa: Puigcerdà-Cap de Creus.

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