Crossings Catalonia

We offer a series of hikes that allow know our country and fill body sensations, odors, flavors, emotions ... well Segur, they enjoy the simplicity of the little things, one true pleasures of life.

Include the following:

  • Nuria Valley Ter-

    This is one of the oldest and most classic hikes in the history of the Catalan hiking.

  • Núria-Carançà-Thuès

    Crossing classic Eastern Pyrenees going from south to north almost reaching 2800 meters of the neck Noucreus. Properly do it two days, spending the night in the small French town of Thuès.

  • Tregurà-Plan

    We offer you a short crossing, (can be done in a day or two) but very enjoyable and enriching. Tregurà leave and go to Nuria known by way of the engineers where we see a bird's eye view of the gorges Nuria. Then we can choose to climb or go directly to Puigmal Fontalba and reach the source of man killed 1810 m. altitude, constituted by a set of waterfalls formed by the union of the river and Tosa torrent Borrut.

  • Crossmember Cars Foc

    We accompany you to one of the most famous trekking: Cars Foc. We propose to do it in 6 days to enjoy and enjoy unique landscapes. Bookings must be made in advance as overnight stays are sometimes difficult.

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